33 Recipes for the Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

Forget the packed restaurants – over-priced, uninspired and underwhelming menus – create a menu using selections from these 33 recipes for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. For true romance, this Valentine’s Day, create a Frank Sinatra channel on Pandora or Spotify, light some candles and cook your own Valentine’s Day meal.

Create your own menu with the mix and match romantic recipes.


Celebrate Your Love With A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner


How to Prepare Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner


33 easy, no-stress recipes for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.


33 Recipes for a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner
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Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day can be pretty stressful.  You have one day to show your love just how much they mean to you.

You search for the perfect card, you spend hours researching the perfect present and then you and your partner have to agree on the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

And if you are just starting a relationship, you have to find the perfect balance not too romantic but just romantic enough.  Whew, that’s a tough one.

Restaurants are packed, and dining is anything but relaxing since they need to turn that table.

Relaxing Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner


Forget all of that and forget about going out for an over-priced, hurried meal, stay home and cook a meal together.

instead, relax.  Get dressed up, if you like or have dinner in your PJ’s. Turn the lights down, light some candles, and play romantic music while you cook your favorite meal or try something new.

Sip wine while you chop veggies, share a charcuterie board while sipping an aperitif by the fireplace while you wait for the braised chicken to be ready.

Then sit back and leisurely dine.  Take your time, savor the food and enjoy each other.

Cap off the evening with a beautiful port or after dinner coffee, paired with chocolate hazelnut fondue or another favorite dessert.

33 Romantic Mix & Match Recipes for Valentines Day


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More Romantic Recipe(…

Sweet luscious crab meat served with a spicy remoulade sauce.  Keto friendly.

So easy to make and so good.  Delicious lump crab meat stuffed into a portabella mushroom.  These mushrooms are filled with tons of crab and creamy cheeses. Baby Bellas are perfect for an appetizer big Bella for an entree or burger.  Keto Friendly – no fillers or breadcrumbs

For many people, no brunch isn’t complete without a Bloody Mary.  Not everyone likes a Bloody Mary, but everyone will love this Bloody Mary Shrimp Pasta recipe. 

A good Bloody Mary has the perfect blend of spice, tomato, and vodka. This Bloody Mary Shrimp Pasta Recipe is a Bloody Mary you can eat, complete with vodka in the sauce.

Crab Stuffed Halibut with Pears & Brie is a super easy recipe to make. Perfect for a special occasion meal and easy enough for a weeknight meal.  The richness of the crab and the creaminess of the brie compliment the delicate flavor of the halibut perfectly.

This Crabmeat au gratin recipe is filled with tons of crab and a mixture of gooey cheeses. Served with warm crusty french bread and a simple green salad.

Serving suggestions (great if you end up with leftovers):

  • Serve over a baked potato
  • Make a panini – top your favorite roll with crab mixture and a slice of brie
  • Top a Filet Mignon with crabmeat au gratin

Classic Champagne Cocktail Recipe. This is one of the ultimate cocktails for champagne lovers. Unlike many champagne cocktails, this one enhances the flavors and is best made with good quality champagne.




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