Stress Free Living with a Coastal Twist

Live More.  Stress Less.  Spend Better.  Ideas for casual, stress free living.


Chief Mermaid & Mojito Maker

What’s it [Mermaids & Mojitos] all About…

Casual, Stress-free Living, with a Coastal Twist.

Hi, I’m Kelly – the voice behind Mermaids & Mojitos – 2 of my absolute favorite things. I’ve been a water girl forever – I grew up on the beach, I swam competitively until college. If I’m not working, you’ll find me in the pool or out on the dock.

Today you’ll find me and my husband on our boat every chance we get swimming, sandbar-ing and of course cocktail-ing.

I’m a southern girl at heart, born in Kentucky with stops everywhere from Florida, California, Louisiana to Alaska…at one point I even split my time between Florida and Alaska, but that’s a story for another time.

I finally found my forever home in south Florida. It’s the perfect old Florida ranch.  A small 3 bed 2 bath house – the kind I remember from my childhood. It’s a house on the water, filled with light and color, a husband, 2 dogs, and grown children that stop by from time-to-time.

And it’s a lot like me – it’s in a constant state of updating and tweaking.

Stress-Free Living

Mermaids & Mojitos is all about creating a stress-free life. 

No fuss. No stress. Just fun, casual ideas to help get the most out of life, without going crazy.

My style is comfortable, laid-back, and casual with a coastal twist.

After years in corporate America, more years heading the marketing for a start-up software company and even a quick dabble in running a construction contracting company with my husband (we hated it) – I’m done with stress.

Join the Journey

Along the way, I’ve learned lots of ways to make food, entertaining, fashion and DIY as stress-free as possible.

So get comfortable, kick off your shoes, sit back and grab your favorite beverage (if it’s after 5 – mine might a mojito 🙂 – take a look around. Check out my recipes, follow my DIY adventures, find entertaining & party ideas, get travel ideas and tips or see what fashion finds I’m craving right now.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.




Everyday Inspiration for Stress Free Livin7…

Live More.  Stress Less.  Spend Better.

Casual, Stress free Living with a Coastal Twist!

Live More! By Stressing Less.

Live boldly – have no fear. Living, such a simple word, we all do it, every day.  Seems simple enough, right?  But we all know that living is anything but simple.  We get so busy that we don’t always focus on what makes our life uniquely ours.  There was a time when I still worked in corporate America and traveled Sunday through Friday most weeks.  I was home long enough to do laundry and repack my bags.  My aha moment came when Dad (a man of few words and not big into giving advice), made a simple observation and asked a very perceptive question.  First, he praised me for my lifestyle and accomplishments (he meant the house and the “stuff”), then he asked me what kind of life I was I building.  That started my journey to find a way to live my authentic, unique life.  My life will always be a work in progress but I’ll share what I’ve learned along the way.  Join me on the Journey!

Stress Less!  Learn to live stress Free

Why stress, what’s the worst thing that can happen?  A while back I read a book that challenged me to do 3 things…  Show Up, Be Present & Let Go of Results.  Wow!  It made perfect sense.  I was always so busy being my best that there were definitely times I wasn’t really present.  Once I put that into practice I learned to trust.  That’s not to say that things always go perfectly.  But the results are usually amazing.  Find ways to reduce stress & have more fun.  Kick back, take a deep breath and find ways to reduce stress in your life.

Spend Better!  It’s all about stress Free living

Over the years I’ve learned that having it all doesn’t have to be expensive.  We can all create a life we love, with our own unique style, no matter what our budget happens to be at the moment.  I’ll share tips for creating a style that is authentically you and do it on a budget that fits your lifestyle.

Create a Stress Free Life You Lov5…


Everday Inspiration - Always Something New

Daily inspiration to help you find your unique, genuine self.

Eat, Drink, Party.

Real Food – Easy Recipes, great tasting recipes, that I’ve actually tested, make it easy to eat healthy and get a meal on the table in no time at all.  Ok, so I’m not a “chef”, I’m a real world cook, so my directions are really easy to follow, and there’s lots of options to make the recipe perfect for your tastes and diet choices.

Live More. Spend Better

Live a full and happy life, while learning to spend on the “right” things.  Find ways to save on everyday luxuries and neccessities and learn to tell the difference between the two.  + Tips for keeping a stress free house.

Travel & Adventure

I love to travel and share my favorite travel tips – what to pack to, where to go and how to plan a stress free trip.

Create + DIY

Everything DIY + learn when it’s time to hire a pro.  I love color so I’ll share lots of color tips + fun projects to get you started.  All my tips and ideas have been fully vetted and I’ve lived through them all.  I do my best to provide details so you can get great results – whether its a DIY project or a dinner party.


Always a little something extra.  Find bonus inspiration for food, drink, entertainment, DIY, Travel & Fitness.

Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon.

They shine when it’s their time.

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