Try these Secret Hacks to Keep Your Backyard Bug Free.


These secret chemical-free hacks are guaranteed to keep your next backyard barbecue bug-free. Your guests will thank you.

Flies, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums are unwanted guests that used to show up frequently to our outdoor BBQs until I learned the secrets to keeping the yard bug-free!

Bugs in the backyard are a nuisance and can sometimes ruin an outdoor get together.  Sure you can cover your guests in DEET bug spray, but then you have to deal with the sticky skin and unappealing smell.  Not the most appetizing aroma for your backyard BBQ,  Here are a few secret hacks for keeping those pesky bugs away.

Citronella Candles to Repel Bugs

A grouping of citronella candles arranged around your entertaining area is a great way to keep mosquitos and no-see-ums away. The oils from the candle help to repel the bugs from hanging around by hiding smells and scents, specifically carbon dioxide and lactic acid in humans. Citronella candles are safe and are not toxic and is a natural way of keeping bugs away.


Essential Oil Floating Candle Center Piece

Fill a shallow bowl with several drops of citronella, lavender or lemongrass and float candles.  Not only does it repel bugs but it’s beautiful and smells great.


Essential Oil Bug Repellent

How to Make Essential Oil Bug Repellent.

Spray the area a few minutes before the party and leave a diffuser or 2 going through the night.  Guests can also use this as a bug repellent spray.  b.

Reflective Water Reservoir

hanging glass jars to repel bugs

Filling a clear plastic bag or clear jar with water and hanging them around the perimeter is a great way to keep flys out of your entertaining space.  Some people say the lights and shadows that refract from the water confuse flies other say that they see their reflection and that it scares them away.  For me, I don’t care why it works – just that it does!

Select Bug Repellent Plants for the Garden

A long-term strategy is to plant bug repelling plants around your yard and entertaining area.  This way your garden can do double duty adding beautiful color and texture to your outdoor space and helping to keep it pest free.  Try these plants: lavender, marigold, mint, lemongrass, catnip, citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, grow and herb garden featuring basil and thyme and petunias. The natural, essential oils in these plants act as a repellent that is organic and eco-friendly. Adding a few of these types of plants to the outdoor landscaping helps.  I have lemongrass and lavender in pots that can be moved around the yard.

Trim Yard and Get Rid of Standing Water to Repel Bugs

tidy garden to repel bugs

Keeping a clean tidy yard helps to keep bugs out of your backyard since you are removing their hiding places.  Trim any overgrowth and remove weeds from planting beds. Also make sure there is no place for water to collect, like buckets, pots, even bird baths.  There should be no standing water in your yard since this is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos, that carry dangerous diseases.  Any water in your backyard needs to recirculate.  So if you want a birdbath, add a small submersible pump to circulate the water.

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    Nice alternative to chemicals.


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