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Find practical everyday inspiration. Choose to be happy and learn to live better, stress less and find your happy place. These simple inspirations are just a little something that spoke to me and needed to be shared.


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How to Make a King Cake | Mardi Gras Recipe

Learn how to make a King Cake, a traditional Mardi Gras recipe. No Mardi Gras celebration is complete without the iconic King Cake.

A Single Girls Guide to Rocking Valentine’s Day

Single Girls Guide Valentine's Day! This Single Girls Guide to Valentine's Day is sure to help you find ways to have an awesome Valentine's Day without a partner.  With all the media hype and magazine covers with cozy, happy couples, you might feel like you are the...

33 Ideas for the Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, forget the roses think outside the (chocolate) box and do something different for the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day. My husband and I were never big fans of Valentine’s Day but once my husband and I started getting creative now we love it. It’s become kind of a game that now for Valentine’s Day, birthday’s, anniversaries and any special occasion we now try to come up with creative ideas, instead of just reaching for the phone and making a reservation.

17 Simple Happiness Hacks

15 Simple Happiness Hacks. Simple things you can do right now to be happier in this moment no matter what is happening in your life.

Celebrate National Smile Day!

Celebrate National Smile Day today, by, well, smiling! When I smile I feel better, more optimistic and capable. You never know how just a kind, sincere smile can change the entire direction of someone’s day. Celebrate National Smile Day with me and just smile.

Lyrics for “My Old Kentucky Home” | The Official Song of the Kentucky Derby

Lyrics for “My Old Kentucky Home” | The Official Song of the Kentucky Derby



Chief Mermaid & Mojito Maker

This is me hangin’ out on the boat – it’s an absolutely gorgeous day in the Florida Keys – doing what wannabe mermaids do best…splashing in the waves + soaking up the sun.

Life’s amazing.  Want to learn more?  

Mermaid( & Mojito( Recipe(

 < Ea)  < Drin! < Part- <

Every adventure requires a first step.

– the cheshire cat

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