Mother’s Day Recipes + Menus 

Mother’s Day Recipes and 11 Simple Menu Plans

All the Mother’s Day Recipes You Need to Make this Mother’s Day the Best-ever!

Most of us will be celebrating Mother’s day a little differently this year, most restaurants are still closed and for many of us, we won’t be able to be physical with our Mom’s this year.  These easy Mother’s Day recipes and menu ideas will make celebrating mom easy-breezy!

Maybe you’ll celebrate with a home-cooked meal or maybe you’ll pack dinner to deliver to Mom and maybe and share a few moments through a glass window with plenty of social distance and masks.

Just because things are different this year doesn’t mean we can’t make this Mother’s Day special.

Flowers may be in short supply, social distance is the norm, and masks are now high fashion.

So we are going to have to get creative.  Instead of taking Mom to her favorite brunch spot, brunch will have to come to her.

Maybe this is the year to really slow down and think about how to really connect in ways we always think about but there never seems to be the time.

This year we have the time to celebrate just how special our moms are to us.  This is a great year to start new traditions, find new ways to show how much our moms mean to us.

If you are lucky enough to be able to share the day with mom make her favorite meal and if social distance prevents you from visiting with mom make a “safe” meal delivery package (see tips below)vand share the meal over facetime or picnic outside her window.

If your culinary skills are rusty or just need a little inspiration I’ve collected 11 Mother’s Day recipes into simple to prepare menus to make it easy to cook a meal that will delight mom.

I’ve collected everything from a fun jazz brunch to a backyard barbeque or a happy go lucky picnic.

The weather is starting to beautiful and getting outside after weeks of confinement will be good for the soul.

You’re sure to find the perfect Mother’s day recipes and a complete meal plan for any lifestyle plan

They are all super easy, using ingredients that are probably already in your pantry or should be readily available,  and totally stress-free.



🧜‍♀️ ❤️


Safely Prepare and Deliver Food

Tips to Prepare and Deliver Food without Transmitting COVID-19

No one wants to accidentally give someone this horrible virus and there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of infecting someone by following some simple guidelines.

**this is not completely 100% foolproof, so if your loved one is exceptionally frail or is immune-compromised consult their physician delivering food.


#1 Wash your hands after every step and if you accidentally touch an unsanitized surface.
#2 Sanitize your cook space before beginning to prep and cook.
#3 Sanitize your cooking utensils
#4 For extra safety wear gloves when prepping.
#5 Store and deliver food in disposable containers and use disposable bags to transfer food
#6 No contact during delivery – leave food outside the home
#7 Recommend your recipient transfer the meal to their own serving containers + dispose of delivery containers and any bags they came in.
#8 Recipients should also wash their hands after disposing of containers and bags.

Relax and enjoy.

Entertaining Safely

A Word About Entertaining Safely in the Coming Months

Taking the input of family and friends, we’ve worked out our own plan for getting together and limiting everyone’s exposure.  I’m not a germaphobe.  So this is very unnatural for me.

But this is better than not being able to see close (really close) friends and family.

#1 I sanitize all door handles before everyone arrives
#2 Everyone washes their hands when they walk in the door
# 3 No shared dishes

If I’m making my fav chicken mole enchilada casserole, I make everyone an individual serving.  Over the years I’ve collected a variety of ramekins and small individual size casserole dishes.  So I’ve dragged them out and ordered a an additional set from of 10 oz oval baking dishes from Amazon.

My obsession with little bowls is coming in handy here (I told my husband we needed them), so we’ll serve the pico de gallo and anything else that would ordinarily be shared in individual bowls.  Easy.

#4 Gather and eat outside

We are super lucky here in Florida to have amazing weather and the heat and humidity are still holding off.  We’ve rearranged our outdoor space to create more shade.  Our lanai (patio) is covered so we can eat outside even if it’s raining.

#5 No cloth towels

We are using paper towels to dry our hands after our 20-second hand washes.

#6 Spray touched surfaces (like handles on faucets and flushers) with Lysol spray

Super simple and easy.

#7 Use disposable plates and utensils (when it makes sense)

Everyone disposes of their own plate

#8 Everyone cleans there own dish and puts it in the dishwasher

This just eliminates another surface that could spread germs.

#9 Use the dishwasher “Sanitize” setting


#10 Relax and enjoy each other

Mother’s Day Recipes + Menus



Fresh & Healthy Mother’s Day Breakfast Menu

This is the perfect menu to celebrate the Mom who loves fresh juices and eating healthy.  This features a fresh fruit juice bar and Mermaid Smoothie Breakfast Bowls + blueberry lemon scones.

Fresh Fruit juice Bar

Mermaid Smoothie Breakfast Bowls

Lemon Blueberry Scones




Mother’s Day Recipes

Pancake Breakfast Menu

Everyone loves pancakes!  They make the perfect dish to serve an easy-breezy Mother’s Day breakfast.

Everything about this menu is delicious and easy.

The hashbrowns casserole cooks overnight so it’s ready when breakfast rolls around and the bacon cooks in the oven while you make the pancakes.

Easy Breezy Tip

To make it even easier – skip the juice bar and serve OJ and coffee.

Fresh Fruit Juice Bar

Perfect Best-ever Pancakes

Easy Crispy Peppered Bacon

Overnight slow cooker Cracker Barrel Copycat Hashbrown Casserole




Elegant Mother’s Day Recipes | Easy Brunch Menu

Brunch conjures up images of long leisurely meals filled with conversation and a cocktail or two.

I like to begin brunch around 11 AM and just let them go well into the afternoon.

With everyone chilling and chatting we’ve been known to let brunch ease into dinner.

So I’ll usually have a cajun spiced brisket or Italian roast pork in the slow cooker, to make the transition seamless.

A perfect way to spend the day with Mom.


Mom-osa Bubbly Mimosa Bar

Mini Quiche

Grilled Nectarine and Arugula Salad




Creole Mother’s Day Recipes | Jazz Brunch Menu

If a jazz brunch is one of mom’s favorite things to do this year you might need to get creative and create your own.

Create a Pandora channel and choose Zydeco, Dixieland Jazz, and some smooth jazz or a throw in a little bit of blues for good measure.

Kick this brunch off with a spicy little Bloody Mary like this Ragin’ Cajun Bloody Mary.  Loaded with lots of good stuff like bacon and shrimp this could be a meal in itself.

Easy Breezy Tip

This is a hearty brunch menu and could easily be served for lunch or dinner.

Kick back and relax – Laissez les bons temps rouler – let the good times roll!


Spicy Cajun Bloody Mary

Mr. B’s Famous Cajun BBQ Shrimp

Southern Skillet Cornbread with Bacon, Spinach and Cheddar

Morning Call Beignets



Recipes for a Mother’s Day Mexican Fiesta Menu

This is my favorite menu.  If my husband’s reading this is the meal I want for Mother’s Day!

I love chicken molé.  And for years I made this the slow tedious way with an ingredient list that filled a sheet of paper single-spaced.

Over the years, I’ve perfected an almost homemade version that is as good and maybe better than the original recipe.  This chicken molé cooks all day in a slow cooker until fall-apart tender.

The Palomas are made with fresh grapefruit juice instead of grapefruit soda and makes them dangerously delicious. 

To finish the meal make the easiest dessert there is a bread pudding.  This Mexican hot chocolate bread pudding is drool-worthy good.


Perfect Fresh Grapefruit Palomas or Strawberry Basil Margarita

Slow Cooker Chicken Molé

Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding




Recipes for a Mother’s Day Backyard BBQ


Sometimes the best days are spent lazing around the backyard or the pool and firing up the grill and cooking up some burgers or dogs.

This is one of our go-to menus for any type of gathering.

If you’ve got a laidback and casual mom this is the perfect Mother’s Day menu.


Easy Breezy Tip:

Set up a burger or hot dog bar, or both. Then all you need to do is grill up a bunch of burgers and dogs then set out the fixings and let everyone create their own masterpiece.


Pitchers of Classic Mojitos or
Muddled Strawberry Mint Margarita or Moj-rita

Choose one or more of these options:
Backyard Burger Bar
Hot Dog Bar + Learn the secret to grill the perfect hot dog.
Sausage and Peppers

Grilled Corn Topping Station

Feta Watermelon Salad

S’more’s Fixings Bar – 22 Amazing s’mores recipes



Little Bites Tapas Mother’s Day Menu

Little bites of yummy goodness!

Mom will be able to taste the love in every single bite.


Easy Breezy Tips:

#1  Make the tapas the day before, refrigerate on trays and just pop in the oven just before it’s time to serve.

#2  Divide and conquer – give each guest a recipe and ask them to bring a tray.

#3  You’ll want to make 2 pieces of each chosen tapas per person of your choice 3 or 4.


White and Strawberry Peach Sangria

Choose 3 or 4 depending on the number of guests
Crab and Brie Wonton Cups
Buffalo Chicken Beggars Purse
Chicken Salad Wonton Cups
Seared Ahi Tuna Wonton Cups
Cambozola, with pistachio and almond drizzled with honey
Camembert with Fig Jam
Brie with Lemon Curd
Cream Cheese with Hot Pepper Jelly
Gruyere with Sautéed Mushrooms
Mozzarella with Oil-packed Sun-dried Tomatoes
Butternut Squash with Goat Cheese and Fried Sage
Spanakopita – Spinach and Feta Cheese Phyllo Cups
Chicken Pesto
Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese and Rosemary
Herbed Goat Cheese with Crispy Bacon Jam

Mexican Chocolate Bourbon Fondue



Charcuterie Cocktail Party Menu

Charcuterie platters are so much fun and take the cheese tray to new heights.  Served with Mom’s favorite Red Wine or a Strawberry Frosé.  Mom will love this fun and festive cocktail party.


Strawberry Rosemary Frosé

Charcuterie Platter with fresh fruit and assorted cheese and crackers 

Marinated Roasted Italian Veggies

Sweet Balsalmic Marinated Strawberries




Mother’s Day Seafood Feast Menu

Fresh seafood served with a simple salad makes a simple yet elegant meal to celebrate Mom.


Vodka Blackberry Sage Lemonade Cocktail

Spicy Coconut Thai Mussels

Baguettes with Mushroom Ragout

Simple Tossed Salad

Berries Tossed in Limoncello and Basil 

Finish dinner with a simple dessert of fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries tossed in a little limoncello and topped with fresh chopped basil.




Simply Elegant Mother’s Day Dinner Menu

Filet Mignon, potatoes au gratin and a French 75 champagne cocktail – simply heaven.  Elegant, easy and the perfect way to tell Mom how much you love her.


French 75

Filet Mignon

Potatoes Au Gratin Tart

White Chocolate Cheesecake with Blackberries and Raspberries



Tiki Bar Classic Cocktails + Jerk Pork | Labor Day Recipes and Party Menu

Lime Daiquiris,  jerk pork, caramelized sweet plantains.  A simple and easy Labor Day party menu filled with just the right balance of sweet and spicy.


Lime Daiquiri or Zombie Cocktail

Jerk Pork

Caramelized Sweet Plantains

Coconut Rice with Curried Bananas and Cashews

Pina Colada Bread Pudding
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