The World is Your Oyster Party

Learn how to throw a simple shrimp boil to celebrate the grad or dad in your life. Try this super simple, easy-to-throw, party. Everything goes in one big pot and is served community style.  What could be better – shrimp, corn-on-the-cob, baby red potatoes, and sausage?

How To Throw a Simple Shrimp Boil

The world is Your Oyster

& you are the pearl.


Appetizer:  Oysters on the Half Shell – Order a couple of days in advance and plan to pick them up the morning of the party.

Main Course:  Easy Low Country Shrimp Boil + Corn Bread

Salad:  Heirloom Tomato Salad

Dessert:  Balsamic Berries

Signature Cocktail:  Drunken Pirate

Mocktail:  Pirate Punch

Tubs of Ice Cold Beer, Water, Sparkling Water, and Sodas


Table covering:  Cover the table with red checked plastic tablecloth and top with spread out newspaper

Lighting:  String lights with Pearls and oyster shells garland.

Serving Pieces:  Use inexpensive platters and bowls with a coastal motif and mix with baskets.  I found some great platters at Home Goods and some melamine plates at WalMart


Buy or gather large shells that guests can write on.  Using paint pens invite guests to share simple words of wisdom.  Collect in a clear glass vase or drill holes in the shells and make a garland.

You could also put out paint, glitter, and craft supplies to decorate the shells.



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The Plan

How To Throw a Simple Shrimp Boil

Grab your 7-gallon stock pot or a couple of smaller ones.  If you don’t own one consider buying an inexpensive one.  Once you own one you’ll come find cooking for a crowd is so much easier.

Cover a table with a red checked tablecloth and then top with spread-out newspaper.

String lights with pearls and oyster shell garland.

Use inexpensive platters and bowls with a coastal motif and mix with baskets.  I found some great platters at Home Goods and some melamine plates at WalMart.

Grab a drunken pirate (the drink, not the man) and enjoy!

Low Country Shrimp Boil

Cook the chicken Wings overnight in a slow cooker and finish over a charcoal grill at the park.

+ Mix up a couple of different dipping sauces to go with the chicken wings.  Super Simple!

Oyster and Pearl Garland

Precook the baked potatoes in the oven or microwave, wrap in foil drizzled with olive oil and coated in salt, keep them warm and finish them on the grill.  Set-up a potato topping station.  if you are including sour cream and butter make sure you keep them on ice.

Coastal Serving  Platters


I love Edible Flowers.  I think they are so pretty and they make a really simple salad seem really special.  You can usually find edible flowers at Whole Foods, farmers markets or online.  Use inexpensive cups to “plant” your salad and top with flowers.  Serve a light vinaigrette on the side.

Signature Cocktail:

Drunken Pirate

I think making a signature drink for every party is fun.  Serve your signature punch in a 1 or 2-gallon drink dispenser.  You may need to use a plastic dispenser if the park doesn’t allow glass.  Remember to have a clean cooler filled with ice for beverages.

Signature Mocktail:

Pirate Punch

Plant a Seed of Inspiration – Bring pots and potting mix, flower seeds, printed care instructions and craft supplies.  Have guests customize their pot and plant with seeds.  A fun activity and a great party favor.

Pearls of Wisdom Keepsake

Find or make a wood sign for guests to sign with their advice and well wishes.

This could be a picture of a tree with deep roots, or birds flying, puffy clouds in a bright blue sky.

Keep it simple so guests can write on it.

Get More Party Ideas

Party Ideas for Every Occasion

Live More.  Stress Less.  Spend Better.

Stress-free party and entertaining ideas + low cost ideas to make party planning budget friendly.


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