Entertain Safely and Responsibly | Covid-19


Learn How to Entertain Safely During Covid-19.
Keep family and friends safe as we return to entertaining responsibly.
Enjoy life and celebrations with these easy to follow tips.

Learn how to keep everyone safe as we return to visiting and sharing good times with family and friends 

Simple Steps to Stay Healthy and Gather

Covid-19 and Entertaining Safely and Responsibly


If you have immune-compromised or other vulnerable members of your household, entertaining should probably wait for a little longer.


I am not a doctor or any other type of health care provider, these are the steps my family and friends are taking to stay safe during the age of COVID-19.  We are following the guidelines provided publicly by the CDC and our local government agencies.  The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only.

This is a post I never thought I’d have to write.  Two months ago who would have ever believed we would spend 2 months in isolation. That we would be separated from family and friends.  And yet that’s where we are right now.

As the world starts to reopen we will all have to make adjustments for living with COVID-19. But we need to live, we need to celebrate and we will begin to throw parties again, we’ll celebrate special occasions – many we’ve put off for months.

In the age of COVID, we can find ways to gather, entertain, and celebrate safely.  By following a few simple tips we can start to have small gatherings, have fun and celebrate each other.

Many of us have new culinary skills and found new to-die-for recipes we can’t wait to share with the gang.  Time to show off those new skills and gather safely and responsibly.

Now that we can start gathering in small groups I’ve collected a number of tips our family has used throughout the shutdown to gather safely and responsibly.  We had all been quarantined, but in separate locations and about a month ago we started gathering in safe and responsible ways.

2020 will certainly be a year we all remember as extraordinary — extraordinary sacrifice, extraordinary hardship for many, extraordinary fear and suffering, but also an extraordinary year of love and community, extraordinary caring, sharing, and remembering what is important.

As we wake from this slumber, let’s make sure we hold onto the love we found during this time.

For many, there is still great fear of getting the virus or giving the virus. Fear is something we live with every day and this is just a new one.

This fear will subside and following a few smart tips will make it safe and responsible for us to gather family and friends for backyard BBQs and other celebrations.

Read on for tips to entertain safely and responsibly during COVID-19.

Stay Safe & Healthy! + Relax and have Fun!



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Entertaining Safely During Covid 19

A Word About Entertaining Safely in the Coming Months

Taking the input of family and friends, we’ve worked out our own plan for getting together and limiting everyone’s exposure.  I’m not a germaphobe.  So this is very unnatural for me.

But this is better than not being able to see close (really close) friends and family.

# 1 I sanitize all door handles before everyone arrives
# 2 Everyone washes their hands when they walk in the door

Easy peasy – direct everyone to the dedicated handwashing station and make sure you have plenty of paper towels for hand drying.

# 3 Limit physical contact

For now, the safest way to greet each other is with virtual hugs.

# 4 Keep your celebration to close family and friends
# 5 Keep your gathering small

Limit gathering to a number you can reasonably accommodate and allow your guests to have this social distance space.

# 6 If you feel ill, or have been exposed to someone who was ill, skip the party, join on zoom or facetime.

Think you have a fever, do your sniffles feel more like a cold than seasonal allergies.  Be safe and stay home, or cancel the get-together.

# 7 No shared dishes

If I’m making my fav chicken mole enchilada casserole, I make everyone an individual serving.  Over the years I’ve collected a variety of ramekins and small individual size casserole dishes.  So I’ve dragged them out and ordered an additional set from of 10 oz oval baking dishes from Amazon.

My obsession with little bowls is coming in handy here (I told my husband we needed them), so we’ll serve the dips, side dishes, and anything else that would ordinarily be shared in individual bowls.  Easy.

# 8 Gather and eat outside

We are super lucky here in Florida to have amazing weather and the heat and humidity are still holding off.  We’ve rearranged our outdoor space to create more shade.  Our lanai (patio) is covered so we can eat outside even if it’s raining.

Lot’s of our neighbors have purchased really inexpensive tent shelter to set up on the front lawn, for our weekly front yard cookout.  They come in handy to provide shade, and covering in light rain…if it’s really blowing, these quickly become UFOs.  We had one land on our roof from points unknown.

# 9 No cloth towels

We are using paper towels to dry our hands after our 20-second hand washes.

# 10 Spray touched surfaces (like handles on faucets and flushers) with Lysol spray

Super simple and easy.

# 11 Use disposable plates and utensils (when it makes sense)

Everyone disposes of their own plate

# 12 Everyone cleans their own dish and puts it in the dishwasher

This just eliminates another surface that could spread germs.

# 13 Use the dishwasher “Sanitize” setting


Relax and enjoy each other!

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COVID 19 Safely Prepare and Deliver Food

Tips to Prepare and Deliver Food without Transmitting COVID-19


Not Ready to See Vulnerable Members of the Family? Or Have Family and Friends in Nursing Homes.

No one wants to accidentally give someone this horrible virus and there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of infecting someone by following some simple guidelines.

**this is not completely 100% foolproof, so if your loved one is exceptionally frail or is immune-compromised consult their physician delivering food.


#1 Wash your hands after every step and if you accidentally touch an unsanitized surface.
#2 Sanitize your cook space before beginning to prep and cook.
#3 Sanitize your cooking utensils
#4 For extra safety wear gloves when prepping.
#5 Store and deliver food in disposable containers and use disposable bags to transfer food
#6 No contact during delivery – leave food outside the home or based on the facilities requirements – every location has different rules.
#7 Recommend your recipient transfer the meal to their own serving containers + dispose of the delivery containers and the disposable bag you delivered the food in.
#8 Recipients should also wash their hands after disposing of containers and bags.

Relax and enjoy.


No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical and COVID-19 safety advice.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider, or other officials with any questions you may have regarding your specific situation.

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Learn How to Entertain Safely During Covid-19.  Keep family and friends safe as we return to entertaining responsibly. Enjoy life and celebrations with these easy to follow tips.  Simple steps to stay healthy. via @mermaidsandmojitos
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