6 Creative Ideas for a S’Mores Making Station

6 Creative Ideas for an S’Mores making station. S’Mores are a fun finish to any backyard barbecue, bonfire or campfire. Here are some great ideas for S’more making stations that look great and make it easy for guest to create their S’Mores creation.

The Plan

6 Creative Ideas for a S’Mores Making Station

Set out S’Mores making basics.

  • Marshmallows (try flavored marshmallows)
  • Candy bars
  • Graham Crackers, Shortbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies and any other cookie you want
  • Long marshmallow roasting skewers or sticks
  • Pick your favorite S’Mores recipes and print out S’Mores recipe thought starters
  • Make sure you have all the ingredients for your gourmet s’mores recipes.
  • A fire with hot coals or one of cute tabletop marshmallow roasting stations.

Marshmallow Roasting Stations


These marshmallow roasting stations are so cute.  I just love them.  Take a galvanized tub and fill with stones or pebbles + Sterno cans or use individual flower posts filled with pea gravel and a can of Sterno.






S’Mores Bar


Set out Giant Mason Jars filled with the basic – graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars.  I love how they created the SMORES garland with Graham Crackers.

Apothecary S’Mores Bar

Use large apothecary jars to put out the basics.  Use a tall glass cylinder to places Sticks for roasting marshmallows.



Fancy Jars S’Mores Bar



I love the shapes of the jars housing the basic S’Mores making marshmallows, both plain and flavored.  Have an interesting selection of candy bars to create gourmet S’Mores to match the fancy looking containers.  Add some string lights or other types of lighting to make this extra festive.


Extra Fancy S’Mores Bar

Make the S’Mores station the focal point of your outdoor party by creating a giant spread with all the fixings for gourmet s’mores.  Hang lights to set the mood and set out a variety of candy bars, cookies, and marshmallows.  Maybe try some flavored Marshmallows.

Simple S’Mores Bar

Turn a 3 tier party tray into a simple s’mores bar.  This is super simple and looks great.  Print a gourmet S’Mores menu and you are all set.

Complete S’Mores Making Center

I love this idea.  And I have the perfect chip and dip set for this super cool idea.  Turn any chip and dip set into a s’mores making station.  Use a can of Sterno in the center to be your heat source and fill the chip sections with all your S’Mores fixing.

Love it.  Can’t wait to try this!


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