How to Create a Mimosa Bar

Create a Mimosa Bar for your next Brunch, Shower of Mother’s Day Breakfast.

Nothing says brunch like a classic mimosa, a mimosa bar is so much fun and easy to set-up.  With just a few easy ingredients you can set up a mimosa bar and your guests can dream up their own mimosa creations.

How to Create an Easy Mimosa Bar For Your Next Brunch or Mother's Day get together
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How to Set up a Mimosa Bar

Mimosa’s are the quintessential and (in our house) official brunch beverage. I love throwing brunch parties since they are so easy yet feel very indulgent.

We all know how to make a classic mimosa –  pour champagne into a glass then top with orange juice.

For your mimosa bar, you’ll need 3 – 5 different juices and good quality Champagne or Prosecco – I like to have both Champagne and Prosecco, along with sparkling water for kids and guests that don’t want alcohol.

sparkling wine
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The Easy 15 Minute Mimosa Bar

What you need for a Mimosa Bar

  • Chilled Sparkling Wine, Prosecco, and Sparkling water
  • Fruit juice 3-6 flavors
  • Fruit, for garnish
  • Herbs, optional garnish
  • Champagne flutes or small stemless wine glasses
  • Carafes, pitchers or other clear containers for the fruit juice
  • Bowls for fruit garnishes
  • Small glasses for herb sprigs
  • Ice bucket
  • Tub filled with ice for the sparkling wine, prosecco, and sparkling water
  • Labels or signage for your juices
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Bar towels – to keep the bar neat.


3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Mimosa Bar

1. Pour juices into carafes or other clear bottles.

I love these carafe’s in the picture and probably have a dozen of them.  I use them to store all sorts of things like iced coffee, fresh juice, flavored iced tea, and lemonade. You can usually pick these up for about $5 and I’ve even found them at the Dollar Store.
Lable juices.

2. Place fruit and herb garnishes in bowls and glasses.

3. Time to pop the cork.  Just as guests begin to arrive open a bottle or 2 of sparkling wine and prosecco and leave in the ice-filled tub. Make sure to have chilled sparkling water available as well

Let your guests go wild creating their favorite Mimosa creation.

Classic Champagne Cocktail
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Picking the Champagne for your Mimosa Bar

So, champagne is pretty pricey and champagne is a name only given to sparkling wines grown in the Champagne region of France using a special process, méthode champenoise, so you’ll most likely be purchasing sparkling wine.

Choose a California “dry” or Brut sparkling wine, like Korbel and I even like to add a couple of bottles of Rose or pink champagne or Pink Moscato.  You may also choose to have a couple of bottle of Prosecco, Italian sparkling wine or Cava, Spanish sparkling wine.

How Much to Spend on Sparkling Wine for a Mimosa Bar

The trick here is to find the perfect balance between taste and price.  More expensive sparkling wines are best served without juice added, so save those for toasting.

Really cheap sparkling wine will be either too bitter or too sweet paired with juice.

A bottle that’s around $10 – $15 should be perfect.  Try Korbel Brut or Rose, Menage a Trois Prosecco or Marques de Monistrol Brut Cava or La Vostra Sparkling Rose – all around $10.

How Many Mimosa from a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

Assuming a 2 part sparkling wine to juice ratio, you’ll get about 6 – 8 mimosas from a 750 ml bottle.


Juice for Mimosa Bar
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Juice Ideas for The Mimosa Bar

Orange juice
Lime Juice
Peach purée
Mango purée
Pineapple purée
Raspberry purée
Blackberry juice
Strawberry purée
Pomegranate juice
Grapefruit juice

Cranberry Juice

Fruit Garnishes for the Mimosa Bar:



Orange slices

Lime wheels



Pomegranate seeds

Quick Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade
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Herbs for the Mimosa Bar

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh Basil

Fresh Thyme

Fresh Lavender

Fresh Mint

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Mimosa Bar Flavors

Blackberry, lime & Rosemary

Grapefruit and Thyme

Peach and Pineapple

OJ and Pineapple

Strawberry & OJ with basil

Mango, lime, and Lavender


Ready to create your very own Mimosa Bar for Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day or just because it’s Sunday?  Guests will love this fun interactive Mimosa Bar.




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