21 Easy Cinco De Mayo Cocktails

Margaritas + More

Easy Mexican Cocktails | Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays that just calls for the perfect cocktail to “make” the party and compliment your menu.

Margaritas are perfect for Cinco de Mayo and so easy.  You can simply make a couple of pitchers in advance, so you’ll be set for the night.

Try any of the variations on the classic margarita or even set up a “muddled” margarita bar.

But there are so many other Mexican or Mexican inspired cocktails to try.  Like my current fav – a fresh-squeezed grapefruit Paloma.  Or try a Tequila Mockingbird – muddled muddle jalapeño and watermelon.  Yum.

Fun Cinco de Mayo Ideas for Your Cocktail Party.

Mexican Drinks:

Put Mexican sodas (available at most grocery stores – if you can’t find it grab some flavored Fanta) and Mexican beer in metal tubs filled with ice.  Serve lime and orange wedges alongside the beer + thinly sliced jalapenos (make sure to seed them).  Make margaritas or buy good quality premixed.

Tequila Tasting Bar:

We have a tequila tasting tradition – some of the guests bring a bottle of unusual tequila to donate to the tasting bar, which makes this really fun.  Buy plastic shot glasses (Dollar Store) and have cut lime wedges and salt available for the tasting.

Muddled Margarita Bar:

There’s nothing better than a margarita made with fresh ingredients and muddling a margarita is maybe one of the easiest ways to make an awesome fresh fruit margarita.  They are so easy to make.  Setting up a muddled margarita bar is fun for all your guests since they’ll be able to perfectly customize their favorite margarita.  This past weekend we discovered a new family fave – not sure what we are going to call It yet but – it’s a basic margarita with muddled blueberries and replacing the triple sec with blue curacao.  Absolutely beautiful + delicious. 

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Important Things to Remember to Throw a Safe Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Party.


Serve Food and of course, it needs to be Mexican Food:

Make it simple with a couple of slow-cooker dishes and create a make-your-own taco bar.  Serve with store-bought tortilla chips and tortillas.  Fresh pico de gallo is, worth the extra effort + with a food processor this comes together in no time at all.  The same goes for guacamole, it’s so easy to make and taste so much better than anything you can buy.  Get simple recipes.

Make sure to have soft drinks on hand | Mexican Sodas are so good:

Put Mexican sodas (available at most grocery stores – if you can’t find it grab some flavored Fanta) in metal tubs filled with ice.  Serve lime and orange wedges alongside the sodas + thinly sliced jalapenos (make sure to seed them).  

Designated Driver:

Seems like you just have to have a cocktail or 2 on Cinco de Mayo, so make sure you have a designated driver and the Uber app ready to go.

Collect Car Keys:

I hate arguing with someone who’s had one too many about driving home.  Inevitably they think they are fine, but I’m not letting anyone in a car that has been drinking.  So I collect keys when guests arrive.  No one really thinks about why I collect keys – they just know I do.  I have a bowl by the door and ask each guest to drop the keys in.  Ostensibly this is so we can move cars around if needed.  No one ever questions it.  I put the key bowl in a cabinet and give keys back to guests as they get ready to leave.  Simple.  And since we usually have to move a car or two to let folks out, my story holds up.  I hope none of my friends are reading this – otherwise, I guess I’m busted.

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Easy Cinco de Mayo Cocktails | Recipes

Mexican Inspired Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Learn to make the perfect fresh ingredient margarita or Paloma or try something more exotic.

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The Perfect Margarita.

Freshly squeezed juices balanced with the perfect amount of tequila.

This may be the only margarita recipe you’ll ever need.  Once you have the basic recipe you can let your imagination run wild. You’ll be able to create a perfectly balanced margarita with your favorite flavor combos.

What will you create?

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Strawberry Basil Margarita

Yep.  Basil.  It’s a tasty twist on the classic strawberry margarita.

Delicious with a sugar rim…


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Blue Moon and Stars Margarita

Edible glitter stars make this so special. 

Beautiful and delicious.  This will be a hit at any party.

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Best-ever Paloma with Fresh Grapefruit

The key to the best-ever Paloma is fresh grapefruit and lime juices.

Most Paloma recipes are made with grapefruit soda and can be overly sweet.  Try this fresh-squeezed version.  It just may become your new (old) favorite cocktail.

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Freshly squeezed citrus juices and a little bit of heat will make this one of your new summer tequila drinks.
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Tequila Mockingbird

Watermelon and Jalapeño

I’m obsessed with adding herbal, spice notes, and heat to cocktails right now. And this drink ticks all my boxes.  Tequila paired with jalapeño and watermelon is oddly refreshing on a hot day and tastes great with that plate of my favorite ultimate nachos.

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Mexican Sangria or “Sangría Natural”

Simply delicious and refreshing Mexican style sangria.

We may not think of Sangria as just a Spanish cocktail but this Sangria Natural is a lighter version made with red wine, lime, and sugar topped with mineral water. I love Sangria with Mexican food.  It always reminds me of a little place in San Francisco that made troughs of the most heavenly Sangria.

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Tequila Tasting Bar

We have a tequila tasting tradition – some of the guests bring a bottle of unusual tequila to donate to the tasting bar, which makes this really fun.  Buy plastic shot glasses (Dollar Store) and have cut lime wedges and salt available for the tasting.

After friends started showing up with unique shot glasses for our tequila tasting bar we’ve started collecting shot glasses from all our travels.  We aren’t really collectors of anything but pulling out the shot glasses always reminds guests of travel and past parties.  Tons of conversation starters.

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Muddled Margarita Bar

I love setting out interactive themed drink bars and the muddle margarita bar is so fun and festive.  It may just replace your mimosa bar.

Easy breezy.  Just set out a variety of fruit, tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, fruit juices, and club soda.  Plus lots of ice – then everyone can muddle their own fabulous margarita.

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Blue Mermaid Margarita

Blue Curacao and coconut rum make this margarita so special.

This little turquoise beauty is so delicious and deceptively strong it needs to come with a warning or you’ll swear you are a mermaid or merman after a couple.

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Mango Margarita

It’s mango season here in Florida and I’m making mango everything.  There is nothing better than fresh mango margaritas.

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Raspberry Margarita

Muddled raspberry margaritas with rosemary.  Classic summer refresher.

I love raspberry muddled margaritas.  Raspberries with lime are heavenly.  Sometimes I’ll even add a sprig of rosemary.

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Roasted Pineapple Margarita

One word – yum.

Ok, so you can skip roasting the pineapple, but the caramelization intensifies and gives depth to the sweet pineapple.

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Spicy Orange Muddled Margarita

Candied jalapenos and fresh-squeezed orange juice make this margarita super special.  And the candied jalapenos are awesome on ultimate nachos.

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Watermelon Margarita

Spicy and perfectly lightly sweet.

Spicy and sweet fresh watermelon margaritas will become a new summer favorite.  + I tell everyone this is a “diet” margarita since it only has about 120 calories per serving. 

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Creamy Coconut Margarita

This margarita will transport you to your favorite beach – no passport required.

This is not a diet cocktail, but the creaminess of coconut milk paired with toasted coconut makes this an all-time fav.

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Strawberry Cucumber Margarita

Simple. Elegant. Refreshing.

Sometimes strawberry margaritas are a little too sweet for me.  The addition of cucumber puree makes this margarita extra special.

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Spicy Classic Margarita

Add a little heat to your favorite classic margarita.

Spice up the all-time favorite classic margarita to get the party started.

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Muddled Strawberry Mint Margarita or Moj-rita 

Is it a Margarita or a Mojito?  or something new a moj-rita

Think mojito meets margarita.  This is light and refreshing.

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Tequila Sunrise

Updated Classic – an easy cocktail you should know how to make.

Ok, confession time.  When I was in college we used to buy premixed bottled tequila sunrise.  I don’t remember thinking they were very good but they were quick and easy and somehow made us feel sophisticated.  Trust me this cocktail made with fresh fruit juices and grenadine is stunning + it tastes great. 

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Muddled Spicy Mexican Mule

More complex than a Moscow Mule.

I’m a sucker for anything that pairs with ginger beer and lime.  I add a tiny bit of cilantro for garnish and roasted jalapeno.  OMG.  This is so good!

21 Easy Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Recipes for Your Fiesta

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