Celebrate National Smile Day

Celebrate National Smile Day today, by, well, smiling! When I smile I feel better, more optimistic and capable. You never know how just a kind, sincere smile can change the entire direction of someone’s day. Celebrate National Smile Day with me and just smile.

Make Someone’s Day Smile and Be Nice.

smile and be nice
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Smile and Be Nice.

When I ran a Homeless Hospitality House and a hot meal kitchen this was the single most important part of training new volunteers.  Smile sincerely, be nice and genuinely listen.

Smiling Helps Get your Energy Up


smile it will make you feel better
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smile it will make you feel better

When I studied acting I learned a technique of making facial expressions that showed the emotion you want to portray.  Before I speak before a group or crowd I spend a few minutes (preferably in front of a mirror) smiling.  No matter how I feel when I start, just the act of smiling makes me feel happy and it helps calm my nerves while giving me the positive energy to stand up before a crowd to speak.


Smile Even When You Don’t Feel Like it

smile even when you don't feel like it
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Smile even when you don’t feel like it

You’ve heard the saying “fake it until you make it”.  It works.  When we are sad we need an infusion of positive energy.  It’s hard to project positive energy when we are sad, smiling starts to bring positive energy from deep inside ourselves and then draws positive energy back in through other.  Give it a try.  I think you’ll feel better.

Smiling Helped Me Get Back on Track

Not long ago, I fell into a pretty deep depression.  So much had happened over the last year, that I noticed me doing just enough to get by.  I felt like I was always holding my breath waiting for the next “thing” to happen.  No one around me knew.  I’m really good at hiding.

smile it really works
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smile it really works


I needed to make a change, so one morning I woke up, put on my tennis shoes and walked.  As I walked I started to recognize other walkers.  I noticed that most of them didn’t make eye contact and most looked pretty serious.  So one day I just started smiling every time I passed someone, sometimes they smiled back sometimes they looked confused, but soon they were smiling back.  Now when I walk I have tons of smiling ” friends”.

Now I smile and go for a walk whenever I get stressed, discouraged or overwhelmed.  I am back to being the “me” I know.

So, smile today and every day.  You will feel better and you may just make someone else’s day.

Let’s get our smiles on…

Happy National Smile Day.


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