Awesome Simple Graduation Party Ideas

Need awesome and simple graduation party ideas? Pick a theme from the list and get complete details for creating the perfect party to celebrate your grad. Your grad has worked hard to get to this moment, celebrate their achievement by throwing an awesome, stress-free party.

Party Themes

Celebrate your grad in style with these awesome and simple graduation party ideas.

I theme even casual get-togethers.  It gives me a place to start with the type of food to serve, icebreaker activities to help guests interacting and any decorations I might choose.  Give one of the awesome and simple graduation party ideas a try.

Graduation Party Themes

Shoot for the Stars – Backyard BBQ

Wings & Roots – Picnic in the Park

Dr. Seuss “The Places You Will Go” ‘Round the World Party

Fired up For the Future Bonfire

Blaze New Trails Backyard Pizza Party

Anchors Away Pool Party

The World is Your Oyster – Shrimp Boil

Bright Future Aloha Party

One Smart Cookie Dessert Party






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The Plan

Awesome and Simple Graduation Party Ideas

It’s time to celebrate your special grad with one of these awesome party ideas.  Throw a stress-free party that will let you be part of the party. Congratulations Class of 2018.  Especially my niece Alyssa – Hail State. xxx’s & ooo’s K—

What’s better than a nighttime backyard BBQ?  String lights across the yard to create a festive mood.  Add some stars and balloons hanging from the string light or trees.

You gave your grad Wings & Roots – Wings to take them to them into the future and Roots to ground them on their journey.  Now throw a super easy Wing and Roots Party.  You guessed it the star of this party is the chicken wing.

Dr. Seuss “The Places You Will Go” ‘Round the World Party

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.  You’re on your own.  And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”” ― Dr. Seuss   

Fired up For the Future Bonfire

Super simple party idea.  Bonfires can be anything from a real bonfire on the beach, a fire pit in the backyard or simple to make mini fire pits.  Plan simple grilled food and s’mores for dessert.

Everyone loves pizza and with this simple stress-free create your own pizza party plan, everyone is a happy camper.  Plan the party for evening & hang lanterns for lighting, create trails of lights in bags and more fun stuff.

Anchors Away Pool Party

Sad to see your grads go?  Live in denial for another month or so, pretend it’s just a vacation.  Plan this super easy cruise themed party.  More like going on vacation than going off to college or a new town for the first big job.  Fun and easy party idea.

The World is Your Oyster – Shrimp Boil

And you are the pearl.  You can go a couple of different ways with this theme, elegant meets under the sea.  String lights and “pearl” strands or go down home rustic with more of a bayou bash feel.  Nothing could be easier than a shrimp boil.  Easy and super stress-free is the key here.

Bright Future Aloha Party

Aloha is a greeting for both hello and goodbye and it means so much more – when someone greets you with “Aloha they are greeting you with the true meaning behind the word – love, compassion, sympathy, and kindness.  Wow, one-word packs a lot of meaning.

One Smart Cookie Dessert Party

Celebrate your own “Smart Cookie” with a dessert party.  Make this as easy as a make your own s’mores bar, or hit your favorite bakery for cookies, cakes and other sweet treats.  If you love to bake or have a signature dessert, you could make that, but resist the temptation to bake everything.  This is your celebration, too.  Enjoy it!


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