Single Girls Guide to Rocking Valentine's Day on Her Own

Forget all the media driven girly stuff and be your own Valentine!
Be Bold

Single Girls Guide Valentine’s Day!

This Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day is sure to help you find ways to have an awesome Valentine’s Day without a partner.  With all the media hype and magazine covers with cozy, happy couples, you might feel like you are the only Girl who hasn’t found her partner.  Being alone on Valentine’s Day can also be really empowering and all about self-love and self-care.

If you are feeling lonely around Valentine’s Day you can choose to ignore the holiday – there is no law that requires you to participate, just remember that may be easier to say than to practice, with all the advertising, flowers delivered to the office and happy couples everywhere.  A better strategy is to create a plan.

Rock Valentine’s Day as a Single Girl

  • Indulge yourself with tons of feel-good self-care
  • Be your own Valentine – hate feeling left out at the office when the flowers arrive – send yourself flowers and just smile like the Cheshire Cat when people ask who sent them
  • Make plans – no sitting on the couch with a gallon of ice cream and a bag of Doritos
  • Brighten someone else’s day

There are many reasons why you may find yourself alone on Valentine’s day, you may be alone by choice or other circumstances – it doesn’t matter.  You are beautiful, smart and when you are ready you will meet the “right” partner for life.  In the meantime, be your own Valentine and try some of these ideas to rock Valentine’s Day.  You’ll be so jazzed, you’ll wish Valentine’s was every day!

There will be no sad song or love story marathons or crying on the sofa with your cat and a bottle of wine, no pity party for you.  You will rock Valentine’s Day and kick sappy expectations to the curb.

  33 Ways to Rock Valentine’s Day on Your Own.

A Single Girls Guide Valentine’s Day

33 Ideas to Rock Valentine’s Day on Your Own


Have a Plan

Make a plan | Single Girls Guide to Rock Valentines Day
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By intentionally planning how you spend Valentine’s Day you control the people, places, and situations you find yourself in on a day that is emotionally charged for many.

Even if you think Valentine’s Day is no big deal and you won’t even notice it – it’s better to have a plan than to end up crying alone on your couch with your cat.



Take an Art Class

Take an art class - single girls guide to rocking valentines day
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Look around your town and find an art class, like glass blowing or pottery, book it.  This way you’ll have an activity and you’ll have a handmade gift just for you



Book a Spa Day

Book a spa day - single girls guide to valentines day
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Or better yet book a week at the spa.  You’ll feel so indulged whether you hit the spa for a day or a week.  Try going to the spa alone and spending time just relaxing.  When you go on your own you can focus just on what you want and your needs.  But if it will make it easier, grab a gal pal and hit the spa.



Buy Yourself Jewelry
| Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day

Buy yourself a piece of Jewelry
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There is almost nothing more empowering than buying yourself a nice piece of jewelry.  Buy something you love and buy good quality.



Host a Single-only Dinner Party

host a single-only dinner party
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Invite your single friends over for a potluck, or a cooking party.  Not a fan of cooking?  Order a pizza and play board games or binge a raunchy and irreverent TV show.



Buy tickets to a ballet, play, concert or opera

Buy Concert tickets, go to the opera, or see a play
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Try a cultural outing.  If you’ve never been to a ballet or opera, this is a great time to give it a try.  Who knows you may discover a new passion.



Grab a Friend and Hit a Dive Bar

Girls night out | Single girls guide to valentines day
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Grab the girls and head to the bar for a couple of shots.  Just remember to Uber and go home alone.



Shop ’til You Drop

Buy yourself a beautiful outfit
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Now’s the perfect time to buy that new outfit you’ve been drooling over.  Just make sure you set a realistic budget, now’s not the time to take on debt – it will just make you feel guilty in the morning.


Buy Tickets to a Basketball or Hockey Game

Attend a sporting event like basketball or hockey
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Calling all sports fans.  Attending a sporting event is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day if you rocking Valentine’s Day as a single girl.  Buy tickets to a basketball game or give hockey a try.  Grab a couple of your gall pals and have a ball.



Volunteer | Valentine’s Day

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There are lots of folks alone on Valentine’s Day that would love a little TLC and company.  Serve at a soup kitchen or volunteer your time and talent at a senior center.


Cook For Neighbors or Friends

Cook dinner for friends
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Lots of people will be without a partner on Valentine’s Day.  They may be single by choice, single due to unfortunate circumstances or their partner may be away.  Cook a meal for all you “alone on Valentine’s day” neighbors and friends.


Join a Local Foodie Tour | Valentine’s Day

Join a local food tour
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Find a local Foodie’s tour, grab a single friend and book a fun evening exploring a new neighborhood or area in your home town.  Try using or check local papers or websites. It’s fun to play tourist in your city.


Pamper Yourself | Valentine’s Day

Treat yourself well | Single Girls Valentine's Day
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Take a warm bubble bath, light candles and soak away any cares.  Order a healthy meal from your favorite restaurant.  Enjoy a good bottle of wine or special sparkling water.


Book an In-home Massage | Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day

book a massage at home
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Massage has many healing properties.  It’s great for relieving stress and just leaves you feeling great!  Book an in-home massage so all you have to do after the massage is curl up on the couch to enjoy that after massage glow.


Take Mom Or Dad Out To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Spend Valentine's Day with an Elderly Parent or visit a senior center
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If your Mom or Dad are alone take them out for a lavish Valentine’s Day or spend time with an elderly neighbor or volunteer at a senior center.


Spend Some Quality Alone Time | Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day

Spend some time alone
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Spend some time celebrating you.  Head out to a favorite spot like the beach or a quiet spot in the park and just enjoy being with yourself.  Let go of all the should dos, could dos, or what ifs, and just revel in your own awesomeness.


Buy Yourself Lovely Lingerie | Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day

Buy yourself pretty lingerie
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Pretty, lacey and racy lingerie makes you feel special and beautiful, so splurge on some new panties, a perfectly fitted bra or a silky nightgown or sleep set.

No flannel PJs.


 Cook Yourself your Favorite Meal | Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day

Cook yourself an amazing meal and open a really good bottle of winC
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Cook yourself an amazing meal of all your favorite foods (or order from a favorite resturaunt).  Enjoy the meal with a really good bottle of wine – two buck chuck for you on Valentine’s Day.



Plan an Adventure | Valentine’s Day

Plan an adventure like skydiving
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There is nothing like a shot of adrenaline to help you feel fully alive and engaged.  Plan an adventure like skydiving, take a surfing lesson, or book a rock climbing class.

Be bold and be brave and have a great adventure.



Have Your Make-up Professionally Done | Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day

Have your make-up professionally done | single girls Valentine's Day
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Treat yourself to a session with professional make-up artist and learn how to create the perfect look to accentuate your own natural beauty.  Once your make-up is done, get dressed-up, grab the gang and hit the town.



Buy Your Self Flowers | Valentine’s Day

buy yourself flowers
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If you love flowers, buy them for yourself.  Hate feeling left out of the great flower delivery at the office.  Send yourself flowers and smile coyly when co-workers want to know who sent the flowers.


Pamper Yourself and Get a Facial | Valentine’s Day

Get a facial | Single girls Guide to Valentines day
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Getting a facial is so soothing, leaves your skin glowing and makes you feel super pampered.



Go to The Zoo or Botanical Garden | Valentine’s Day

go to the zoo
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Spend hours just wandering around, enjoying the park.  If you love kids and have nieces and nephews, bring them with you – you’ll be able to act like a kid and their parents will enjoy the break.  You’ll get big bonus points from their parents.


Book a Table at Your Favorite Resturaunt | Valentine’s Day

Take yourself out for an amazing meal | single girls guide to valentines da
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Book a table at your favorite restaurant, order your favorite meal, enjoy your favorite wine.  Just enjoy a date with You.  If eating alone is too big a leap, bring a friend.


Focus on Fitness | Valentine’s Day

Book a personal trainer or take a boutique fitness class
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Book a session with a personal trainer or take a boutique fitness class.  This just might be the jumpstart you need to get your fitness program on track or take it to the next level.

Just remember sweating is sexy.


Get a Manicure and Pedicure| Valentine’s Day

Get a manicure and pedicure | single girls guide to rocking valentines day
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Book a mani + pedi at a nice salon with the giant massage pedicure chairs.  Paint your nails a fun color or choose a fun Valentine’s Day look.


Take a Cooking Class | Valentine’s Day

Take a cooking class
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Book a cooking class and learn how to cook something exotic, like Thai or Indian or just how to make spaghetti.  You’ll learn a new skill, make friends and have a ball.



Buy a really good bottle or Champagne | Valentine’s Day

Buy a really good bottle of champagne and toast you
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Indulge yourself.  Buy a really good bottle of champagne and toast you you-ness.  Enjoy a glass or two while taking a bubble bath and otherwise just pampering yourself.


Spend the Day Having Your Hair Colored | Valentine’s Day

Spend the day getting your hair colored
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Always wanted mermaid hair or other fashion color, like a pink burgundy  or cappucino – do it.  Find an awesome salon and let your colorist go wild – you’ll feel beautiful and funky.  Not ready for the fashion color, pick a Pinterest image of a more traditional color.

Either way hair color is a great way to change, your look and have fun.


Do Something Nice For Someone Else | Valentine’s Day

Do Something nice for someone else - Send a friend or neighbor flowers and chocolates
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We all have a neighbor a or someone where we work or worship that we know is alone and lonely.  Send them flowers and chocolates or invite them over and cook them dinner.  They’ll be thrilled and your heart will be made light and happy.


Write Yourself a Love Letter | Valentine’s Day

Write Yourself a love letter _ You are beautiful | single girls guide to rocking valentines day
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This is a great way to remind yourself just how amazing you are.  If you aren’t feeling it, try writing with your opposite hand or calling your best pal to help you.


Invite a Friend to Go to Dinner with You

Go out to dinner with your bff
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Grab your BFF and book the hottest table in town.  Enjoy your favorite meal and a bottle of wine.  You know the conversation will be great and the evening will be fun.


Go Shoe Shopping | Valentine’s Day

Buy yourself a gorgeous new pair of shoes
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Nothing brightens a day like a new pair of shoes.  Buy yourself a gorgeous pair of shoes.  If you’ve been eyeing that pair of sexy red pumps or that little silver strappy sandal, today’s the day to make that shoe yours.

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