5 Easy Easter Menus for Any Lifestyle

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, the weather is warming.  Easter is a time of rebirth and the perfect time to gather friends and family to share a fun and festive meal.  Try one of these 5 Easy Easter Menus.

5 Easy Easter Menus for any Lifestyle

Celebrate Easter with family and friends.

Make it easy by choosing one of these easy Easter Menus


Easy Easter Menu

Easter Egg Hunt and Bunny Brunch

Easy Easter Menu

Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Brunch


Easy Easter Menu

Light Spring Garden Luncheon

Easy Easter Menu

Light Spring Luncheon


Easy Easter Menu

Seafood Feast

Easy Easter Menu

Seafood Feast




Easy Easter Menu

Caribbean Inspired Menu

Easy Easter Menu

Caribbean Inspired Meal


Easy Easter Menu

Bunny Day Backyard Barbecue

Easy Easter Menu

Bunny Day Backyard Barbeque

Festive & Easy Easter Menu Ideas

Plan Your Easy Easter Menu
Keep it simple
  • Decorate your table with inexpensive spring flower bouquets in found items like watering cans or Dollar Store simple glass vases.
  • Use decorated eggs mounded in baskets for decoration.
  • Eat your meal outside if the weather cooperates.  The weather has turned warm and mild and perfect for a spring meal.
  • Use one of the menu’s above or mix and match or try a Grilled Turkey.
  • Unless you love baking or have a special tradition buy dessert from a local bakery or simply serve fresh berries with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.


Celebrate Easter

5 Easy Easter Menus

Make it Extra Special with These Additions

Festive Decorations 

Easy Easter Decorations

Time to hit my favorite party store —The Dollar Store— and grab some Easter decorations.

  • If enjoying a meal hang string lights wrapped with spring flowers and greenery.
  • Buy a couple of simple glass vases to display inexpensive mixed spring flower bouquets or simple palm fronds or other fresh greenery.
  • Fill large bowls with decorated Easter eggs.

Party Favors

Easter Basket for Grown-ups and Kids


While you are at the Dollar Store buy baskets (or here in Florida I buy buckets) and Easter paper shreds.

Fill baskets with candy, toy, and trinkets and of course a couple of Easter eggs


Easter Eggs

Make it Fun

Hard boil a couple of dozen eggs (depending on the number of guests).  Set out a variety of egg decorating options and let everyone create a couple of eggs.  You could even give prizes for the most creative eggs…

Make it Easy

Easter Menu

Try one of the menu’s above or just grab a bucket or two of fried chicken and some potato salad.  It’s all about getting everyone together not how fancy the food is or how long you cooked.  

Kentucky Fried Chicken was served at a childhood Easter when the turkey my cousin was making wasn’t going to be ready for hours.  It’s still one of the most memorable and talked about Easter suppers in our family.

Make a Batch of a Classic


If you are hosting the Easter egg hunt and brunch whip up several pitchers of classic Bloody Mary’s.  Or create a Mimosa Bar and let your guests make their own creations.

Make sure to have some sparkling cider for the kids and the designated drivers.


Ice Cold Beverages

Flavored Lemonade, Craft Sodas & Sparkling Water

Try a pitcher or two of one of these flavored lemonades, along with craft sodas, and sparkling water.




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