33 Ideas for the Perfect Romantic Valentine's Day

Think Outside the Chocolate Box
Get Creative

33 Ideas for the Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, forget the roses, think outside the (chocolate) box and create a memory you and your partner will never forget.  Do something creative and different to create the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day.

My husband and I were never big fans of Valentine’s Day but one Valentine’s Day my husband had a commission meeting on the Valentines Day evening and it went longer than expected, we missed our dinner reservations and ended up at one of our favorite dive bars eating burgers and drinking $2 Bud Light for him and $5 Strawberry Mojitos – it was romantic, it was fun and we had a memory and story to tell.  Since then we’ve never looked back and since we started getting creative we look forward to Valentine’s day and we love it!  It’s become kind of a game that now for Valentine’s Day, birthday’s, anniversaries and any special occasion we now try to come up with creative ideas, instead of just reaching for the phone and making a reservation.

Whether you and your significant other have been together for a lifetime or just a little while, make Valentine’s Day absolutely unforgettable with one of these fun activities. No matter what you and your beau decide to do, you’ll both have the best time—because you’re spending the day with each other.

Follow this one rule to create the most perfect and memorable romantic Valentine’s Day – Keeping in mind the things you both enjoy do something different. That means no matter how much you both love eating pasta, drinking wine sitting on the couch and watching a Netflix marathon – resist the temptation and get off the couch and do something different.

Get Creative – Plan the Perfect Romantic Valentines Day.


Play Hookey

Play hooky Valentines day
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What better day to call in “well”.  Sleep late, and spend the day focused on each other.



Take an art class and make your own Valentine’s Day presents

Take an art class - glass blowing, pottery making, painting
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Look around your town and find an art class, like glass blowing or pottery, book it.  This way you’ll have an activity and you’ll have hand made gift for your, Valentine.



Go For a Walk

Go For a Walk | Valentine's Day
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This is time for a nature walk, skip the neighborhood walks, find a quiet spot in a park, by the water or any other spot that’s special to the two of you. Find a walk in a place where you can focus your attention on each other.  Hold hands, kiss, and dream.



Watch the Sunset | Romantic Valentine’s Day

valentine's day Romantic sunset
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Find a great spot to watch the sunset – drink wine or hot cocoa and just enjoy “being” together.



Go to a Dive Bar

Dive Bar Valentine's Day
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If you normally go for gourmet meals, skip the Zagat rating and find a great local spot or dive.  Dance, play pool, throw darts – have a blast.  Take lots of selfies.



Buy tickets to a ballet, play, concert or opera


Try  a cultural outing.  If you’ve never been to a ballet or opera, this is a great time to give it a try.  Who knows you may discover a new shared passion.



Learn to Tango

Learn to Tango
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Nothing is steamier or more romantic than the tango.  Take a tango lesson and ignite your passions.



Calling all Sports Fans


Buy tickets to a basketball game or hockey game and enjoy all the great stadium food traditions – a hot dog, with popcorn, peanuts, soft pretzel or you favorite stadium snack.  Or really go all out and buy seats in one of the VIP sections – it’s Valentine’s Day and spending the extra bucks for a special memory will definitely be worth it!



Try a Twist on the Traditional Dinner and a Show


Look for a supper club or mystery dinner theatre, greek restaurant with belly dancers, or other restaurant with entertainment in your area and book a table.  We have a Russian Dinner Theatre in town and it is absolutely a blast.

See what your area has to offer.



Pack a Picnic Supper | Valentine’s Day

valentines day picnic
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Fill a picnic basket with super simple food like cheese and cracker + shrimp cocktail, and a nice bottle of wine.  Grab a blanket or 2 and find a beautiful location to share an intimate picnic supper for Valentine’s Day.


Cook Up Some Valentine’s Day Romance

Spark a little Valentine's day romance by cooking together.
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Spark a little Valentine’s day romance by cooking together.  Try a new recipe or try something new.  Share your cooking creation by candlelight, with a bottle of champagne.


Join a Local Foodie Tour | Valentine’s Day

Find a local Foodie’s tour and book a romantic evening exploring a new neighborhood or area in your home town.  Try using ToursbyLocals.com or check local papers or websites. It’s fun to play tourist in your city.


Have Dinner in Bed | Valentine’s Day

Eat Dinner in Bed | Valentines Day
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We’ve all had breakfast in bed, right?  So why not dinner in bed?  Order you a pizza or your favorite take-out, grab a bottle of wine and enjoy dinner in bed.


Book a Couples Massage | Valentine’s Day

Couple Massage | Valentine's Day
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Has life been a little stressful and harried?  Then try booking a couple massage to get you body in a relaxed and romantic state.  You could book it at a spa so you can enjoy all the amenities. Or book it at home so all you have to do after the massage is curl up together on the couch and enjoy a bottle of sparkling water and enjoying the massage after glow.


 Take a Ghost Tour | Valentine’s Day


Discover the creepier side of your home town.  Most cities have a haunted place close-by and most will offer ghost tours or try a DIY ghost tour by finding a haunted place close by.  Find real haunted houses.  Or just google haunted houses.  Some places even have haunted boat rides, search around and see what’s close.  I was surprised by the number of haunted places there are really close by – this maybe our Valentine’s Day date night.


Think Like a Tourist | Valentine’s Day

Spend the day or evening touring your town with a fresh pair of eyes.  Check trip advisor or local websites for uniquely touristy things to do in your neck of the woods.  We recently decided to spend a Sunday playing tourist and discovered an amazing park with paddle boarding on a quiet river and a beach just a short walk away.  Who knew that was 20 minutes away and more amazingly just minutes from the Ft. Lauderdale Cruise Terminal.


Recreate your First Date | Valentine’s Day

Recreate your first Date | Valentine's day
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Remember your first date?  Whether it was romantic or dorky I’m sure you both remember it as a special day.  If you are lucky enough to be in the same town you met you can retrace your actual steps or if you’ve moved plan a date that’s just like your first date.


 Make Your Own Gifts | Valentine’s Day

An assortment of Valentine-making supplies isolated on white.
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This year try a new tradition of making gifts instead of buying them.  Make something that remembers favorite memories and will be become a cherished keepsake.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. A photo journal (book) of all your shared adventures
  2. Make a book of the greeting cards you’ve saved from birthdays and anniversaries.
  3. Create a scrapbook with special souvenirs like theatre tickets, news clippings, anything special to the two of you.
  4. Paint a sign with a favorite saying
  5. Paint a picture
  6. Frame a favorite picture
  7. write a memory card – fill every available space on a card with special sayings, inside jokes and memories.  This is sure to be a hit.
  8. Take a glass blowing glass and make a heart shaped ornament



Sing Each Other Love Songs | Valentine’s Day

Sing each other love songs | Valentine's Day
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If you are on the shy side book a private Karaoke room and sing only love songs.  Or head out to a bar or restaurant that does Karaoke and pick love song duets to perform.  While you are at it you could write a love song.



Take a Dinner Cruise | Valentine’s Day

Find a local dinner cruise and book a table for a night of dining, dancing, and sight-seeing.  This is sure to be a special Valentine’s Day memory.


Be Goofy and Go to an Amusement Park | Valentine’s Day

If you live near an amusement park this is a great Valentine’s Day outing.  You’ll be able to act like kids, hold hands, eat fair food and grab an ice cream cone for dessert.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the Day you Choose | Valentine’s Day

This is the only exception to my no Netflix marathon rule.  If Valentine’s Day fall on a day that doesn’t work for you and your sweetie – move it.  So if it’s on Tuesday but Saturday is better, celebrate on Saturday and just spend a low-key Valentine’s watching romantic chick flicks and love stories with your favorite comfort food.



Go to The Zoo or Botanical Garden | Valentine’s Day


Valentines day flamingo
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Spend hours just wandering around, enjoying each others company and the park.


Go Get Ice Cream | Valentine’s Day

Go get ice cream | Valentine's Day
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Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make a day special.  Grab your honey’s hand and go get an ice cream cone.


Place a Love Lock | Valentine’s Day

Place a love lock - place a lock on a bridge or fence
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Proclaim your unbreakable love by placing a love lock on a fence or bridge.


Book a Sailing or Boat Charter | Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Charter a Boat
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Chances are if you live close to any body of water there is a captain with a boat that can be chartered.  This is such a special date, you’ll have the entire boat and crew to yourselves – very decadent.  Some charters come with a chef or can be added on request.  This is a super romantic day or evening trip.


Take a Cooking Class Together | Valentine’s Day

Either book a class with other couples or schedule a private cooking class.  You can even schedule a private cooking class in your own home.  How romantic!


Book a Hotel Room | Valentine’s Day

Stay in town but leave the kids with your parents, book a hotel room and play grown-up for the night.  Wear grown-up clothes, put on make-up and wear heels and go out to dinner or stay in and wear the in-room bathrobes and order room service.

Since the kids are with your parents you can have a grown-up night on the town or mini vacation without worrying.


Book a Romantic Valentine’s Day Weekend | Valentine’s Day


If you live in the city book a bed and breakfast in the country or by the ocean.  If you live in the country plan a trip to the city and book museum tickets and maybe a show.  Or head to the beach – you can never go  wrong with a beach.


Find a Beautiful Quiet Spot and just Chill | Valentine’s Day

Find a Quiet Spot & chill | Valentines Day
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Take a bottle of wine or a thermos of hot chocolate and just spend time together away from any distractions or hustle bustle.  Be thankful for today and dream about the future.


Write Each Other Love Letters | Valentine’s Day

Take an hour or two to really tell your partner why you love them.  Tell them all the big and small things that you love about them.  Have fun, share the funny, the poignant, the heart thumping and the everyday.  This is sure to be a present remembered for a lifetime and one that your kids will one day cherish as well.


Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Book a hot air balloon ride | Valentine's Day
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Hot Air Balloons are so romantic.  it takes us back to a simpler time.  Book a hot air Balloon ride for a romantic Valentine’s Day date.


Book a Private Chef for Special Gourmet Meal for 2 | Valentine’s Day

Private Dinner for 2
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Book a private chef and have him cook for you at home or maybe a table on the beach or the end of a dock or your favorite park.  Either way, this will be a Valentine’s Day memory to treasure.

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